Our Story

From humble beginnings to a family passion project, Marmalade Bath and Body has been crafting natural, handcrafted bath and body products in Calgary, Alberta since 1998.

It all started with a spark of curiosity. In 1998, I, Carolyn Openshaw, dove into the world of creams and lotions by making my own. This newfound passion quickly blossomed, and soon my family was hooked on my handcrafted creations.

Together with my sister and husband, we brainstormed and dreamed, eventually realizing this venture needed a name. As a loving tribute to my Mom, Marmalade Bath and Body was born.

Driven by a desire to create products that addressed specific needs, we developed creams to help my aging Mom with her skincare. This became the inspiration behind our signature Muscle Magic product.

Our commitment to offering safe and natural bath and body options for everyone grew, leading us to expand our product line to include face care and artisan soaps.

Handcrafted to Perfection

We carefully formulate and craft every product. Each product is made in small batches to preserve the quality and freshness that our customer deserves. We believe this approach brings a unique value to our customers. They can feel the care and attention we put into every item.

We make time to learn about new ingredients before introducing to our line. My family and friends are great sports about being asked to test again and again until I'm happy with the product.

What Sets Us Apart

We offer a wide range of products that covers you from head to toe.   A customer favorite is the Fancy Feet Foot Fizz, which is a specially formulated foot bath that softens and prepares tough calluses on the feet for exfoliation. Followed up with a application of Fancy Feet foot cream to keep the soles and nail cuticles soft and moisturized.


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