Our Story

It all started in 1998.  Back then I was interested in creams and lotions.  I bought a kit to make some lotion and I was hooked.   The creation of lotions and creams opened the world of bath and body products.  The sky was the limit.  Soon I had my family hooked on the handcrafted lotions.

As I started to brainstorm with my sister and husband, we soon realized that this adventure needed a name.  As a tribute to Mom, we came up with the idea of Marmalade Bath and Body.

Creams were developed to help Mom who was aging and needed very specific things.  That was the driving force behind our signature product, Magic Fingers Muscle Rub.

Soon soap making was added to the line up and of course home cleaning products.  There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that your house has been cleaned with natural ingredients that are safe for pets and the environment.

As you can imagine, I couldn’t just stop there.  I had to start sharing this new found world with everyone.  So I added workshops to the list.  Teaching people how they can make their own products is awesome.  To see people’s faces as they realize what they can do in their kitchen.